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About the photos

The majority of photographs are unmodified - for better results you will need to process them in Photoshop or similar.

An index of photos will display when you click on a link. If you click on a small photo, a larger version will appear.

Want to save a copy of the photo? Then right-click on the large version of the photo and then select "copy image" or "save image".

The copy you save can be printed as a high-quality regular photo size or perhaps up to about A4.  If you would like a copy of the digital negative than can be printed up to about A1 size, email me the filename (not target...., but something.jpg) and I will email it back to you.  It may be up to 10Mb, so make sure your email account can receive large attachments!  This is FREE.

Click on the year for which you want to see photo.

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Email me and I will be happy to resolve it with you.  Anonymous complaints through third-parties will be ignored.

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Information about this site

The photographs on this site are freely available to all persons in the photographs and to all Australian and NZ Irish Dancing teachers.

They may be reproduced by the person in the photograph and Australian and NZ Irish Dancing Teachers freely and without fee, providing the following attribution is made "(c)Milton Baar, MediaImages".

These photographs MAY NOT be used in publications that are sold or are "for profit" without first contacting Milton Baar.

Should any teacher, parent of a dancer in a photograph or the actual dancer wish to have a photograph removed, please contact me through email at

media-images (remove this) at swoose dot com dot au

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